13 Incredible Animals You Didn’t Know Were Real

Despite all the sad and terrible news that we constantly hear about lately; the crime, the bombings, the potential global terrorism, made worse because it’s nearly Christmas, we tend to get skeptical and forget about the good things that are usually right in front of our eyes. The most incredible of things can often come in very small packages, and sometimes, it comes in the form of the seemingly rare yet amazing animals that inhabit the earth. These animals are more than what they seem. They are an example of how amazing our world is, and they, more often than not, seem to outweigh the bad things.

1. Umbonia Spinosa


This tiny, tiny insect is a species of treehoppers, that can be found in South America, distributed in the parts of Venezuela, Dutch Guiana, British Guiana, and Ecuador. Compared to its other relatives in the same genus, this kind of treehopper can be distinguished just by looking at its dorsal horn, which is located just behind its humerais and they have a short metopidium.

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