14 Monsters Living Beneath The Sea

A word of warning: the creatures you are about to see come from the deep waters of the oceans, some of them could only be found in the deep and the dark parts. These creatures are the stuff of nightmares and, the deeper in the ocean you go, the uglier and scarier these creatures are. These creatures might make you thankful that you’re a terrestrial being, and that you can’t breathe underwater. You have the option to avert your eyes at the sight of some of them, we know we did. Just when we thought that scary creatures may only be found up above, we realize that scarier beings are down below, and are also real.

1. Sarcastic Fringehead

sarcastic fringehead

When it comes to being hideous, the look does not choose the size. An example? This small but terrifying sea monster, known as the sarcastic fringehead. They are commonly found in the waters of the Pacific, just off the coast of North America, from San Francisco, California, up to the central Baja California, with a depth range of 3 to 73 meters. Plus, they are also pretty aggressive and are very territorial beings, so it’s much advised for other fish (and even us humans) to stay away from them. It’s mouth is enough to scare everyone off.

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