7 Animals You Had No Idea Existed

Some animals are so rare that we never really know about them. One of the reasons why we haven’t is probably because they aren’t so attractive, or they are part of an endangered species, thus they are hard to find, almost non-existent.

Well, it is time to shed some light on these lesser known species. Let’s steer away from the animals that we all know and love and move towards the more obscure species sharing our planet.  Here are 7 animals you had no idea existed.

1. Gharial


Like we said, this is an animal that we’ve never heard of because they are a species that is endangered, or nearing extinction. They’re not exactly attractive either, because they sort of look like alligators or crocodiles with super narrow mouths.

Gharials are also known as the fish eating crocodile, and there are only 235 of them left, as a result of habitat loss and poor fishing practices.

They are also one of the longest members of the crocodile family, as they measure up to 20.5 feet or 6.25 meters and they are found in the rivers of the Indian subcontinent, from the Irrawaddy river in the east to the Indus River in the west.

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