14 Creatures That Look Like Aliens Left On Earth

You really have to hand it to the science-fiction tv shows and movies. The writers and directors get to create creatures that are beyond our imagination. What is impossible is made possible on the big and small screens, especially when it comes to fictional living things. But as they say, truth is stranger than fiction. You’d be surprised to see or hear about an animal that looks like something from another planet or dimension actually existing here on Earth. A few of those animals we’ve listed here are just that. Yes, they look like they’re from outer space or in another dimension or universe. Prepare to be amazed, or creeped out, or both.

1. Kashmir Musk Deer

kashmir musk deer

If a vampire bat bit into a regular deer, this was probably what it would look like if it chooses to bare its fangs on unsuspecting victims. But no really, this deer is an endangered species that is commonly found in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. Fortunately, only the males have the tusks, and they only use them to compete for a female mate. Unfortunately, as we’ve mentioned earlier, this type of deer is endangered, due to loss of habitat and because of pesky poachers.

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